Sunday, August 7, 2011

What are the Top Cities for Social Media?

The 2011 Summer Social Business report by NetProspex recently ranked the top 25 US cities for social media usage by businesspeople as the following:
(NPSI = NetProspex Social Index; which was determined by the social presence & number of social connections in cities across the US on Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn; please see below for further details.)
Top Cities for Social Media
Source: NetProspect Social Business Report

Rank City, State NPSI*
1 San Francisco, CA 47
2 San Jose, CA 45
3 New York, NY 31
4 (tie) Ventura, CA 27
4 (tie) Austin, TX 27
6 Stamford, CT 26
7 Seattle, WA 25
8 Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 24
9 Boston, MA 23
10 (tie) Denver, CO 22
10 (tie) Oakland, CA 22
12 (tie) Chicago, IL 21
12 (tie) Atlanta, GA 21
14 New Brunswick, NJ 20
15 (tie) Los Angeles, CA 19
15 (tie) San Diego, CA 19
15 (tie) Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 19
15 (tie) Bridgeport, CT 19
15 (tie) Philadelphia, PA 19
20 (tie) Newark, NJ 18
20 (tie) Washington, DC 18
20 (tie) Boulder, CO 18
20 (tie) Orange County, CA 18
20 (tie) Raleigh, NC 18
25 Trenton, NJ 17

As per the report, "the NPSI was used to score & rank social network activity across the top social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The data was mined from NetProspex's database of crowdsourced business contact information. The NPSI score is determined by the following:
  1. Social presence: The # of employees registered with social media profiles across Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook using a corporate email address.
  2. Social connectedness: The # of connections across social networks."
While its no surprise Silicon Valley, the technology hub of the US located in northern California, clinched the top 2 spots on the list of the most social cities with San Francisco & San Jose beating out the competition, Austin, Texas was a interesting tie for 4th. Once nicknamed 'The Silicon Hills" for all of the technology development centers located here, Austin beat out other technology forerunners such as Seattle, Washington (7th overall) and Boston, Massachusetts (9th overall). 

For more information on the top social media cities, check out the full Social Business Report here (the city analysis starts on page 28).