Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Ad Statistics - A look back at the last 45 years

While those in Pittsburgh and Green Bay will be watching the Super Bowl to see who clinches bragging rights, according to Neilson, 51% of the people watching are enjoying the advertising more than the action on the field. While this golden opportunity is clearly a marketer’s dream to be able to engage with such a captive and receptive audience, the cost to play in this battle taking place off the field has quadrupled over the years. 

Interested in taking out a 30-second spot to promote your start up this year? Unfortunately, this year’s coveted Super Bowl ad space filled up in late October so at this point you’ll have to wait until next year (although Groupon was able to score a last minute spot recently), be sure to budget at least $3 million for this placement. 

Here’s a look at ad spend for 30-second spots in the Super Bowl for the past 45 years:
Important things to note here: Inflation prices were calculated using the CPI Inflation Calculator from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; All costs are estimates as some years have conflicting data; all data compiled from AdAge, CBS News, and Media Buyer Planner.

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