Monday, February 28, 2011

The 20 Most Retweetable Words

This past Friday I attended a webinar on the Science of Blogging hosted by Dan Zarella of HubSpot. It was one of the best webinars I’ve attended in awhile, analyzing the science behind the best social media practices.

One of the many things the webinar covered was the 20 Most Retweetable Words (ie the words that if are included a tweet, are most likely to get retweeted by other users), so I wanted to pass along this helpful info to other social media enthusiasts.

Here are the top retweetable words on Twitter based on analytics performed by Dan:   
    most retweetable words
  1. you
  2. Twitter
  3. please
  4. retweet
  5. Post
  6. Blog
  7. Social
  8. free
  9. media
  10. help
  11. please retweet
  12. great
  13. social media
  14. 10
  15. follow
  16. how to
  17. top
  18. blog post
  19. check out
  20. new blog post

So out of the 50 million tweets sent each day, why are the above more likely to be liked enough by others to retweet them?  For starters, its not too surprising that a significantly large portion of Twitter users are social media enthusiasts, so they’re more likely to RT posts about the topic they love.

Others, such as new blog post, blog post, blog, post, and great alert readers of something new and exciting, while retweet, please retweet, and check out provide direct instructions, which people are psychologically more inclined to follow. 10, how to, top and help are reflective of the most readable blog titles and its no secret people go crazy go free stuff.

You, the most retweetable word, should also not come as a big surprise – the only thing people like more than free stuff is themselves – so when others praise them, they’re more likely to self-promote these praises.

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